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Navigator Tourism – Leading with Travel technology and Travel API solutions. People choose our OTA software from the global travel market for their Online Travel Agency. The company not only works with travel inventory & technology but also with Subscriptions, Digital Products, Digital Marketing, Software & Development. Our Digital Marketing uses “virtual technology”, including social media, PPC, SEM, SEO, Content Marketing & Guest Post, Email, SMS, and extra. As a Travel technology company – we support Travel Agents to grow their business with travel inventory (connected with IATA) & travel technology (connected with travel API). Our team has more than 10 years of working experience with travel inventory, technology, Travel API, and OTA solutions. There are no work limitations when you work with travel technology & API. We are one of Bangladesh’s top travel technology firms, known as Navigator Tourism – Travel Technology Company. We lead “Travel Inventory & Technology with Airlines API, Travel Agents API, Hotels API and OTA Software“. We are trying to create a paperless travel industry where travel agents can do business with the OTA software. Our OTA software is connected with Travel API, payment gateway and travel solutions. With a few clicks – “B2B & B2C users” can book the service from your travel websites. Our OTA software builds to generate passive income from your travel website. You may be sleeping but your business is generating money with our OTA software. With our OTA software, you can see many features, and as per your requirements, you can customize those features.

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